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About Sea Green Organics liquid seaweed

Sea Green Organics liquid seaweed extract is the first product of its kind: more than 10,000 different types of seaweeds were evaluated. Sea Green selected the species used both for the synergy created between them and the different attributes each provides and the synergy created between them, and the naturally occurring phyto-hormone profiles used produce optimal results.

Sea Green Organics liquid seaweed extract works exceptionally well on fruit bearing and flowering plants. It increases flower size and brilliance, strengthens fruit yields, and boosts quality and shelf span.

On turf grass, Sea Green Organics liquid seaweed extract reduces “gray leaf spot” disease by over 50%, as well as providing lower environmental stresses. Our liquid seaweed extract also has lower water requirements. It provides all this while reducing or eliminating other fertilizer inputs. Our seaweed extract makes individual blades of grass more robust, helps to densify healthy turf and crowds out weeds.


Sea Green Organics liquid seaweed provides:

  • Reduced water requirements (by 30%)
  • Prolific root development
  • Substantial nutrient chelation of macro-nutrients, thereby reducing or eliminating plant requirements of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
  • Enhanced disease resistance to “gray leaf spot” disease and others by over 50% above other seaweed extracts
  • Substantially increased resistance to heat and cold stress
  • Increased flower yields
  • Increased fruit yields
  • Help feeding and increasing the microbe herd
  • Turf densification
  • Increased branching, root mass and turf blade mass