Our Story

A team at the University of Connecticut worked for several years trying to develop solutions to some of the most significant problems facing agricultural systems in use today: Sea Green Organics seaweed fertilizer was the result of that work. In the process of developing our organic fertilizer we created a product that not only reduces nitrogen run-off (a major water pollution problem world-wide) and drought stress, it actually saves water and costs less per application than standard nitrogen-based turf fertlizers. The team realized this was a viable commercial product and Sea Green Organics was born.

Paul Josef Melancon

Paul is the founder and CEO/COO of Sea Green Organics.

He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Business Administration. While in school Paul served an international internship with Alset Global (an emerging leader in the European community) working on the implementation of hydrogen as transportation fuel. Paul holds a US patent in mechanical arts for the reinforcement of concrete, asphalt cement, and tunnel walls and structures. In 2012 Paul was awarded an internship through UConn as a member of the commodities team that studied the feasibility and economic impact of farming certain types of seaweed in Long Island Sound, and the development of products made from those seaweeds. From that work, the concept for Sea Green Organics was born.

Along with his work as COO, Paul focuses on formulizing, manufacturing and testing Sea Green Organics’ unique products, and he is busy on development of more unique products.

Prior to his studies Paul has held numerous municipal positions. He was also a volunteer firefighter, amassing over 20,000 hours of community service in 15 years and earning the rank of Lieutenant. In his free time, he enjoys mechanics, welding, engineering, target shooting, and motorsports.