Sea Green FAQs


What are the differences between Sea Green Organics and other seaweed fertilizers?

Most seaweed fertilizers on the market utilize only one of several seaweeds, typically Ascophyllum Nodosum, Sargassum, North Atlantic Kelp, or Bull Kelp. After considerable research, Sea Green Organics has designed blends of specific seaweeds containing unique naturally occurring phyto-hormone profiles. These components are extracted, filtered, purified and combined to create a seaweed extract blend that produces optimal results with maximum benefits.

Can I use Sea Green Organics on other plants besides turf grass?

Yes, Sea Green Organics produces great results when used with food crops and ornamental plants.

How much Sea Green seaweed extract should I apply to plants other than turf grass?

Our suggested application rates also apply as mixing guides: one or two ounces of concentrate per gallon of water is a good rule of thumb. Remember, more is not necessarily better when mixing Sea Green Organics: using less product more often often yields the best results. Plants differ in their nutrient requirements—feel free to adjust ratios as needed.

faq3-rightIs Sea Green Organics seaweed extract healthier for people and plants than conventional fertilizers?

We developed our seaweed extract to solve detrimental issues in the world of fertilization such as fertilizer runoff and pesticide and herbicide application rates, which are known to be harmful to people and the environment. We are happy to provide detailed test results—if you’re interested, just let us know.

Are Sea Green Organics products OMRI certified?

We abide by all NOP regulations for OMRI certification, but given the controversial nature of the competing organizations offering certification and our concern for the security of Sea Green’s highly valued intellectual property, we we have chosen to forego official certification for the time being. We remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards for source materials, manufacturing process and distribution methods within the organic agricultural community.

Where does Sea Green Organics seaweed come from?

Sea Green Organics utilizes multiple sources around the world, including the American Northeast, Canada, Europe and Central America. We are also building toward a time when forward-thinking government regulations and policies will make local harvesting (“sea farm-to-field”) of seaweed as attractive as local farm-to-table and CSA agriculture has become in organic food crops today.

faq2-leftWhat exactly is seaweed?

“Seaweed” is the laymen’s term for “Macro Algae.” There are almost 10,000 different species of red, brown and green seaweeds, and each specimen has unique attributes. For example, Sugar Kelp is considered a delicacy in some Asian cuisines, and Ascophyllum Nodosum has uses ranging from soil amendments to animal feed.

How can I buy Sea Green Organics fertilizer?

There are several easy to purchase our products. The easiest is to order directly from this website. Most retail orders are processed the same day. On commercial orders and volume orders (over 5 gallons per container), please contact us directly by phone or email so we can arrange the best possible method of shipment for you.

In what size packages is Sea Green Organics available?

For home use, Sea Green Organics comes in pints (16 oz.), quarts (32 oz.), gallons (128 oz.), and 5 gallon buckets (640oz).

For commercial use the above sizes are available, as well as 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon truck totes, and up to 4,000 gallon tanker truck. Again, for orders larger than 5 gallon containers, please call us directly to arrange the best shipping for your order.

Where is Sea Green Organics located? Can we visit your facility?

Sea Green Organics’ headquarters is located in Bridgeport Connecticut and we would be delighted to have you tour the facility. Please call us to arrange a tour.

Is Sea Green Organics working on any new products?

We have several innovative products in the development pipeline that we plan to have ready next year, including:

  • SeaGreen-veggies-optProducts that use our seaweed fertilizers as a base but have even higher water-soluble nitrogen numbers (between 3 and 8)
  • Products that offer even faster greenup (in case our current greenup of 24 hours isnt fast enough)
  • Two different nitrogen-only liquid products blended from fish or blood source that are not created through high heat or enzyme reaction, both of which can destroy vital amino acids and peptides
  • A new product for our commercial clients will use our seaweed fertilizer as a base with a higher potassium count, also amended with phosphites for increased disease resistance even over what our current product delivers on its own
  • An enhanced infused kelp meal that increases the time-release benefits of kelp

These new Sea Green Organics products are created using revolutionary processes that increase effectiveness and offer us the ability to customize formulations for each of our clients.