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Fertilizer Run-off Crisis


The farms along the Mississippi River use copious amount of fertilizer to produce food crops for the open market. These massive quantities of nitrogen-based synthetic fertilizers are destroying soil structure resulting in fertilizer run-off—illustrated by the green plumes—into the Mississippi. Fertilizer runoff from these farms along the Mississippi aggregates with additional runoff causing toxic concentration levels along the length of the river.


As the Mississippi approaches its mouth at the Gulf of Mexico, the fertilizer runoff from farms is so concentrated it can be from satellites—the light blue areas shown. This area is referred to as the “Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone” and is over 5,000 square miles, about the size of the state of Connecticut. No beneficial aquatic life can survive in this area and as it dissipates in the Gulf other areas are affected as well. By using Sea Green Organics liquid fertilizer, damaging conventional fertilizers may be reduced or eliminated.

Applications for Conditions


These pictures show high value turf undergoing remediation by using Sea Green Organics liquid seaweed extract as part of a complete organic fertilization program. The picture on the left shows turf at the start of the process. High levels of stress can be seen along with dead undergrowth.

The picture on the right shows the same turf following remedial use of Sea Green Organics liquid seaweed extract. No stress is evident, NDVI is high, turf has become dense and healthy as a function of the plant growth factors in the extract: healthy, dense, resistant, and sustainable growth.